What is VG & PG in Vape Juice

    What is VG & PG in Vape Juice

    Vape juice are with a predominance of vegetable glycerine: 20 PG / 80 VG, 10 PG / 90 VG, and 100 percent VG. Glycerine produces a lot of vapor and simulates the traditional cigarette smoke. The vapor produced by juice without propylene glycol is denser and tends to dissipate into the air. Vegetable glycerine alters the aromas for a sweet taste and the hit (sensation of the passage of the vapor in the throat) is limited.


    This consumption is perfect for vape enthusiasts who like the sub ohm for big smoke that vape at high powers. Relatively viscous, the use of vape juices with a predominance of glycerin requires suitable atomizers that do not clog. The devices should be able to provide a lot of e-liquid to the resistor. It is important to note that pure glycerin heated above 250 degrees Celsius generates acrolein, a substance found in the smoke of real cigarettes known to be toxic and potentially carcinogenic.


    E-liquid that is 100 percent PG: Unlike the VG, Propylene Glycol is perfect for aromas because they are perfectly restored. In combination with nicotine, the hit sensation in the throat is impressive. On the other hand, the volume of vapor is very low with this type of e-liquid.


    Vegetable glycerin – abundant and dense vapor, limited hit altered flavors. Propylene glycol offers low and volatile vapor, good hit and good restitution of aromas.


    Determining the right dosage of nicotine e-liquid is not easy for the simple reason that the release of nicotine in the blood differs depending on the method of administration. For cigarette smoke, each puff releases into the blood a large quantity of nicotine is called shoot, the absorption of nicotine is very fast via the lungs, which produces in the blood peaks of nicotine concentration at each puff. Only 7 seconds is enough to get the nicotine from the lips to the brain.


    On the contrary, the nicotine administered by vape juice with predominantly processed by the oral mucosa, the airways accounting for only 15 percent of assimilation. The assimilation of nicotine inhaled by this means is weaker and more diffuse (without concentration peaks) than that of a conventional cigarette.


    The role of nicotine in vape juice is twofold: it acts on the hit contraction of the throat when passing the vapor.

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